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Your Electromechanics Partner

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Your Electromechanics Partner

We have been assembling electromechanical components, wiring harnesses, and power cables since 2001. It’s what we do.

Our Services

We are an extension of your business

We assemble project modules and components with care and attention to detail to drive your business forward.

Electromechanical assembly

Wiring harness assembly

Power cable assembly

Every stage of production is tested for quality control. You work in key sectors that require rock-solid reliability. We make it happen.

Our Fields of Expertise

The Industries We Partner With

We work with specialized transportation, aerospace, industrial equipment, energy, and medical technology. That wide range keeps us versatile and flexible. These key sectors all have one thing in common – they require leading expertise and a perfect command of components.


The energy sector is booming. Our unyielding support of solar and wind power has made us a respected industry player. We also contribute to energy storage, a field that is developing at lightning speed.

Industrial Equipment

We assemble electromechanical products for industrial equipment manufacturers whose products and expertise are used in simulation equipment, data centers, and distribution, automation, and production centers.


The diversity of transportation industry equipment calls for remarkable expertise and flexibility from our employees.


Since its early days, HDI Technologies has positioned itself favorably for major customers in the aerospace field. Our products travel the world with our customers.


We set our technical and production expertise to work manufacturing micro harnesses, control levers, and other products, from the simple to the complex, for medical simulators and equipment.


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Working with us calls for precision and attention to detail, as well as affinity and harmony with our employees. Bring your drive, and we’ll provide for your wellbeing.